A new car park: great for the arboretum, great for you!

The arboretum you enjoy today is largely the vision of one man – Robert Holford – who inherited the Westonbirt Estate in the 1830s and set about creating a landscape to impress.

In recognition of Westonbirt’s aesthetic value the arboretum today is a Grade I registered landscape.

The Downs were designed as a foreground leading into Holford’s arboretum. It was never designed as a car park!

Twinned with the new Welcome Building, the new car park will ensure a better introduction to the arboretum and enable landscape restoration.

The nuts and bolts

The construction of the car park has now been completed. The removal of the existing surfaced car park will begin in April 2014. From this point visitors will park on the downs until the new car park has been brought into full operation.

The car park surfaces strike a balance between planning requirements, durability and aesthetics. The car park access roads will be bitmac with wider, curbed, compacted stone parking bays.

Capacity and arrival

Once in use, the new car park will almost triple our car parking spaces to over 400, with an additional 21 spaces for people with disabilities. There is a separate coach park screened by a row of cypress.

Visitors will park and then pay on foot through the new Welcome Building, reducing queuing on the entrance road.

Trees please!

Trees for the car park have been selected and planting has begun!

Large oaks and planes will provide structure and shade.

Smaller ornamental trees, including maples and birches, will give colour and provide a visual connection with the arboretum.

We will also trial species that could be more commonly planted in our towns and cities in years to come.

Visitor Sightings

We've been bowled over by the quality of the images you've submitted via Flickr and many have been shared on the 'Visitor Sightings' screen in the Welcome Building.

If you'd like to share your images take a look and submit your pictures »

Image above by Michael Norris via Flickr

At a glance

Dedicated parking spaces will triple to over 400, with an additional 21 spaces for people with disabilities

Over 120 trees will be planted around the car park

Parking will be removed from a Grade I registered landscape


How it happened...

Sophie Nash, Project Manager

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