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Membership Frenzy by Bev Starkings, Membership Co-ordinator, FOWA

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

March has arrived and for the first time since any of us can remember, the trauma of our January renewals is over already! Our in-trays are empty and we are now able to see our work desks! Keyboards and phones have cooled down and stopped smoking … sanity is slowly returning. This time last month we were going home in the cold and dark, crying into our gin glasses and wondering when would it ever calm down!

When I started here four years ago we were still inputting January membership forms in June! Much has changed since then and we feel much more efficient, more in control of what we do and how we do it! This means fewer problems for our members and therefore, happier members.  The rolling year is proving a great success, as is our new 10 Year Friend membership. We feel gratified that our members and visitors have so much confidence in Westonbirt Arboretum that they are willing to support us regardless! We whole heartedly thank you all! (Sounds like an Oscar’s speech!)

Now we can look forward to spring and seeing Westonbirt at its most extravagant; bursting with colour, sound and fragrance.  Time to claw back the lunch break and see what nature’s renewals are like!

The Project begins with a ha-ha! By Sophie Nash, Project Support Officer

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

You will see from Monday (7th March) contractors on site by the mini roundabout starting Phase 1 of the Westonbirt Project. They will be digging a new ditch, laying foundations and constructing a concrete block retaining wall. They will also be using any leftover top soil to smooth sections of the overflow car parking field. This work starts the first phase of works for the new ha-ha which will become our boundary between cars and visitors.

Once the contractors have left we should see about 78 meters of block work wall. In May two courses will complete a single skin dry stone wall, depending on the speed of the participants we may also need to plan another course to finish the straight section of wall. Those with beady eyes will notice that we aren’t building the entire wall of 95 metres. The last 20 or so meters will be a curved wall which connects to the new Welcome Building.

We can’t complete this section until work begins on the Welcome Building and car park as it’ll be too close to the existing entrance road!
It’s quite exciting for us after all our preparations to see work starting on site!