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Fundraising for the Westonbirt Project by Nick Healey, Project Fundraiser

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

As a new member of the team (started last week), I have been granted a rare treat as part of my induction; a behind the scenes look at the Arboretum I’d only ever viewed as a visiting tourist.

From a guided tour of the old arboretum by Hugh Angus, Head of Tree Collections; to an explanation of the tree planting, pruning and preservation policies and the revolving, five year, cyclical plan by Mark Ballard, Tree Superintendent; and then a sneak peek at the propagation work done by Penny Jones, who grows the seeds to saplings; I feel privileged to be part of such a committed and passionate team. 

Many thanks to all who have taken time out to welcome me and help me understand just how much work goes into maintaining and developing this amazing place.

My role here is to fundraise for the Westonbirt Project. I have several years’ experience in the field, having previously worked for charities, such as CLIC Sargent and more recently, the University of Exeter, helping them to deliver major capital projects through grants from Lottery and statutory bodies, trusts and foundations and major donors. I am passionate about conservation and heritage and think that the Westonbirt Project is a fantastic opportunity to engage more people with trees and enhance the experience for existing visitors.

I Am The Project Director by Miranda Winram

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

This is my first blog as Project Director, so in time honoured Blind Date fashion I thought I’d tell you what my name is and ‘whur’ I come from (as my in laws are from Liverpool, I reckon I’m allowed to make Scouse jokes…).

So: I’m Miranda Winram. I’ve just moved to Nailsworth from Yorkshire, and I’m here because this looked like a fun job with the great opportunity to help more people enjoy what a brilliant place the Arboretum and Gardens are.

I’ve been in post for exactly three months now, and it’s gone in a blur. So far, I seem to have ‘Directed’ the appointment of a company to develop architects drawings and plans for the new and refurbished buildings and conservation stonework we need (both for the Arboretum and the Gardens), to have helped choose a very beautiful Walkway and Tower for the arboretum (on view in the Great Oak Hall reception), and to have recruited a Head of Fundraising for the Project. I’m hoping she’ll come in handy at raising the cash to build all these wonderful new things….