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What makes Westonbirt so special? by Jacqueline Dalton, Charity Manager

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Not the best week at Westonbirt, as the staff have been consulted on the Public Forest Estate debate and the restructuring within the Forestry Commission which will affect our colleagues here quite severely.

It is so important during these times to see kindness all around us, pockets of contentment and “yes” – serendipity.  This I have just experienced and so much want to share with you all.

It is 10.00am at the Great Oak Hall in the Foyer, the day’s Information Assistants and outdoor Work Party are gathering – all volunteers choosing to give their time and efforts to this wonderful place.  Then, we have that moment – two gentlemen from Wales meet – one exercises a most beautiful voice and the other joins in – all the Great Oak Hall were treated to 3 breathtaking minutes as we listened to a beautiful Welsh ballad from this duo!!!!! 

This is one of the zillions of reasons that makes Westonbirt so special – the people!!!

FOWA starts to blog by The Silver Surfer

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Hello, you good people of Westonbirt.

It has been decided by those who must be obeyed that FOWA is to be dragged kicking and screaming into the world of blogging. An introductory lesson showed that some people have high hopes that we shall enter into this world with gusto, and share a few thoughts (or something) with you.

So, you silver surfers out there, get your thinking caps on. Don’t leave it all to the younger ones. Let’s show them that we are just as able as they are. We may not speak the same language (until today, I didn’t even know what a blog was), but we are willing to learn. Some people talk of twittering (I thought only birds of the feathered variety did that!), but one lives and learns!

My ventures into this strange world have so far been confined to e-mail, eBay, and Skype. I understand that subjects such as twittering, facebook, blogging, and others are akin to chatting over the garden fence. Many years ago, my two sons started to learn about a strange machine called a computer. The school, or rather the PTA, bought a Tandy TRS80, so that gives my age away! We couldn’t afford anything like that at home, so we bought a Sinclair ZX81 if I remember rightly, complete with 1kb of Ram. Since that time, I have built all my own computers, so from little acorns, etc!

Now, if this is getting too technical already, bear with me. What I am trying to show is that anyone, and I mean anyone of all ages, race, religion, political leaning, etc., can blog. If I can, anyone can. So come on. Share a few thoughts on this marvellous place we all love.

 The Moderator may well censor the above, but I’ll keep trying until I get it right.