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A busy time for the Membership Team, by Bev Starkings, Membership Co-ordinator

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The Membership Team (Bev and Kelly) would like to thank all those who have commented on our inclusion in the last Westonbirt Magazine. Our brief moment of recognition! Quite a few members were surprised that there are only two of us, which we like to think is a compliment. It went some way to explaining why we can’t answer every phone call at our busiest times, therefore if you have any queries it is much better to email us as our Voicemail gets full very quickly!


We will be stretched to the full over the next few months with around 2,000 memberships to process, so please bear with us if takes a little longer than usual to reply. We are amazed at the growing number of people giving memberships as a Christmas gift for their friends and loved ones. What a wonderful gift! You can apply for a Christmas membership at anytime, just tick the box and we will post out all memberships at the beginning of December. At least they’re easy to wrap! Please note that our deadline for receiving Christmas applications is 14th December. This gives us just enough time to process and send out before we collapse with exhaustion!

PS. Love having BBC Autumnwatch here!

Readers’ Comments: An alternative view of climate change

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Issue 74 states on page 24 that the climate is warming and man is directly responsible. Nonsense!

NASA satellites show warming stopped four years ago and only flawed computer models show an influence from mankind!

DEFRA cite outdated politically distorted views from the IPCC whose chairman has said he ignores recent research – clearly he’s not a scientist! CO2 is neither a pollutant nor driver of climate; it is essential to all plant life and is now present as only a miniscule 0.038% of earth’s atmosphere. H2O is earth’s massively dominant greenhouse gas; solar energy reaching us also depends on cyclical output changes, cosmic radiation affecting cloud formation, changing planetary orbits etc. We are entering cycle 24, signalling decades of cooling! Supporting references are available. Puny man cannot change the climate and scientific debate is being politically stifled.

Sincerely, R. J. Dennish