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Autumn tree highlights

Along with the maples, there are a wealth of other plants that hold their own at the autumn colour party here at Westonbirt.

The making of a Windsor chair

Arboretum Director Andrew Smith tells us about his week on a bus-man's holiday down at Westonbirt Woodworks, learning to craft a chair from scratch using traditional techniques.

From seed to sideboard

Our new saw mill has finally arrived in the UK after making its long journey from Poland and will be in situ at Westonbirt very soon!

Autumn life in the arboretum

As the days begin to draw in and the mornings cast a chill in the air, you can sense the change of season. It’s a time of transition at the arboretum. Many trees are in glorious autumn colour and animals are busy preparing winter stores.

Return to Vietnam

In April 2017, Dan Crowley, Westonbirt’s expert dendrologist, took a trip to Vietnam using his extensive knowledge of maples to identify species across the region.