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Sculptured Shelter

Westonbirt's HLF funded community programme has now been running for over four years! Our community engagement officers and volunteers have done a wonderful job organising activities that connect the arboretum with a wider audience.

A Collective Masterpiece

Great things have been happening in the Great Oak Hall this autumn with The Gloucestershire Printmakers Cooperative’s “giant print” event inspired by one of the arboretum’s beautiful oaks.

Ted's Fright

Many years ago, too far back for most of us to remember, Ted was driving a tractor through an overgrown area of Silk Wood, only to find himself teetering precariously over the edge of an abyss. From then on this old quarry was called Ted’s Fright.

The Westonbirt Wood Project

Will you help us to restore Westonbirt’s wood centre?

What's It Like to be a Westonbirt Volunteer?

Westonbirt relies on our incredible team of volunteers to help maintain the arboretum and ensure our visitors enjoy their day out.