Westonbirt Magazine

Spring 2018

Westonbirt wakes up

Bright mornings, longer days and the singing of the morning chorus are a sure sign that spring is well and truly on the way! It’s nature’s show-time and the arboretum is full of the colours, sounds and energy of new life.

Spring tree highlights

Today, many of the world’s trees are in danger of disappearing altogether! Here at Westonbirt, we work hard to ensure that trees are protected and preserved for future generations.

Journey of a seed

Penny Jones is the Propagator at Westonbirt. Her knowledge, understanding and passion for seed propagation has produced hundreds of healthy saplings, which are planted at the arboretum.

A welcome bunch of grazers

You may have noticed that we have played host to a group of Gloucester cattle. They have brown-black bodies with a white stripe along their back and white tails and underbellies.

Unleash your Creativitree

The arboretum is a special place. A short walk amongst the wonderful trees can revitalise the soul and help spark the seed of an idea that might grow into something amazing!