Visitor services

Your visit to Westonbirt Arboretum begins and ends with our fantastic Visitor Services team - from getting you in through the gates to waving you goodbye at the end of the day.

Family of four sat on a bench together exploring a visitor leaflet

This dedicated team are always on hand to help you throughout your visit, to make sure you have a wonderful and safe day. Membership and donations provide funds that go towards everything from the maintenance of paths, to the vehicles that allow the visitor services team to move around quickly and efficiently - essential, as they are first to hand in an emergency.

Your support helps to pay for these essentials, including mobility scooters, which help less mobile visitors get around and explore the arboretum, and visitor maps, which help everyone to find their way.

There are so many hidden costs in ensuring you have a great visit. Thanks to our members and supporters, essential visitor services can always be provided for.

“Without the Friends we wouldn’t have been able to maintain the scooters and wheelchairs and let our visitors borrow them for free. Not to mention play area maintenance, recycling and cleaning, furniture and radios!”

Leigh Jane, Visitor Services Supervisor

Tour the aboretum

Don't miss your chance to explore Westonbirt Arboretum this autumn with two different guided walks to enjoy. Take advantage of your membership and tick each walk off your list before it is too late! Discover more about each of these walks: Wonders of Westonbirt and Secrets of Silk Wood.

New mobility scooters

We're currently trialing a new shuttle service, to help visitors who need a little extra help getting around get up to the edge of the Old Arboretum and café. This service could not run without the help of our amazing volunteer drivers. Find out more about this service...

General donation

We'll direct your donation to where it's most needed in the Arboretum

Caring for the trees and ensuring our visitors have the best experience requires a lot of work. You can contribute by making a general donation.