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As a member, you keep Westonbirt thriving, ensuring over 100 tree species, that are endangered in the wild, are safeguarded for the future. As these trees are cared for and monitored at Westonbirt, we learn how they adapt to environmental changes and share this vital information with the international community so future generations will be able to enjoy these magnificent trees all over the world.

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Sensing Nature Guided Walks

Sensing Nature Guided Walks

Discover Westonbirt's immersive and interactive sensory experience and how this aims to shift visitors' perception, enjoy the arboretum at a slower pace and explore the trees of Westonbirt through their nonvisual senses.

Fragile with Attitude

Fragile with Attitude

‘Fragile with Attitude’ was an art exhibition held in the Great Oak Hall at Westonbirt Arboretum earlier this year. The exhibition was developed as part of the ‘Re-Storying Landscapes for Social Inclusion’ project with the University of Exeter;...

Small but still mighty!

Small but still mighty!

Within the arboretum, we currently care for over 100 threatened tree species and the latest edition of ‘The Little Book of Disappearing Trees’ introduces some of the endangered trees we look after.