Protecting Westonbirt Arboretum, a national treasure

We are a charity with over 37,000 members who support The National Arboretum in connecting people with trees to improve the quality of life. Westonbirt Arboretum is a remarkable place with a beautiful and inspiring landscape where people can visit to enjoy and learn about trees.

With 15,000 tree specimens, 5 national tree collections and seasonal activities for all, visitors can come along to Westonbirt throughout the year and be met with a whole new environment as the seasons come and go. There's always something new to discover. A membership with us allows you to be a Westonbirt advocate, caring for one of the world's most extraordinary arboreta and gives you access to enjoy the arboretum, wander amongst the trees while protecting a cherished part of the Cotswold's much-loved landscape.

Never before has the need to adapt and prepare for the future been so great or your support been more vital.

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A changing world

A 10-year vision for Westonbirt Arboretum

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Zero waste by 2030

Zero waste by 2030

Digging deep into Westonbirt's waste and a greener future. As part of Westonbirt's plan to get to net-zero by 2030 we've been working with an environmental consultancy, Avieco, to help develop a strategy for our waste and energy.

Autumn highlight: Japanese maple ‘Vitifolium’

Autumn highlight: Japanese maple ‘Vitifolium’

This maple cultivar comes into its own in the autumn, when the large, vine-like leaves, turn a rich variety of reds. Find out more about this showstopper...

What does Westonbirt mean to you?

What does Westonbirt mean to you?

As generations visit Westonbirt Arboretum through the years, memories are made. Share your stories of Westonbirt with us...