A busy few weeks

Posted: February 14, 2012 at 14:34 pm Author: Sophie Nash Project Officer

We have nearly completed the electric upgrade trenching work on site.

As well as eliminating the power shortages which we sometimes experience, this is an opportunity to move the power cables underground, contributing to the Westonbirt Project’s work in restoring the Grade I Registered Downs landscape.

The work has gone relatively smoothly and to time, helped by the freezing temperatures which make trenching far simpler than in the pouring rain.

If you are wondering why we haven’t yet removed the pylons and overhead cables, this has been delayed by the utility company due to poor quality poles from the power station across other landowners' fields which haven’t been replaced since the 1950s!

Pylon at Westonbirt Arboretum

Next week the contractors will start creating a new stone track road from the gate near the A433 across the field used for overflow parking to the new ha-ha.

This will enable us to use the field more efficiently during large events but will also provide an alternative access road into the site which will enable us to minimise disruption when we construct the new Welcome Building.

Although this sounds like a very straightforward piece of work it has involved measuring the girth of some very old veteran Oak trees (one was a whopping 5.8 metres!) to ensure we stay well away from their roots.

We will also start repair work to the original ha-ha along Mitchell Drive next week, which involves repairing the dry stone wall. We have removed the iron railings from the ha-ha in preparation for the repair work which will continue into March.

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