Author: Sarah Bell

Fragile with Attitude

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‘Fragile with Attitude’ was an art exhibition held in the Great Oak Hall at Westonbirt Arboretum earlier this year. The exhibition was developed as part of the ‘Re-Storying Landscapes for Social Inclusion’ project with the University of Exeter;...

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Cast your vote for Westonbirt

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Join the Movement for Good! Vote for Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum to give the environment a helping hand.

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And we've launched...

Posted in: Blog Member communications

Welcome to our new blog, for you, our members. Please check back regularly as it's here we'll be keeping you informed with all the latest updates and goings on at the arboretum.

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Where would we be without trustees?

Posted in: Blog Staff and trustees

It’s trustees week – a chance to showcase the work of our trustees. We catch up with our newest trustee Beth.

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Restoring our ha-ha!

Posted in: Blog Volunteering Restoration

Ha Ha. An expression often used to represent laughter. However a ha-ha is also a landscape design feature that creates a barrier to things such as livestock, while preserving uninterrupted views.

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A Cool Christmas

Posted in: Blog The Westonbirt Project

It's been so cold in our office this week, that you might be forgiven for asking "What does a Climate Change Officer actually do?" Well my role is all about interpretation and communication.

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