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Dendrologist Dan's spring stunners: Azara microphylla

Posted: March 25, 2014 at 15:45 pm Author: Dan Crowley

The beauty of spring is definitely unfolding at Westonbirt (even if it has turned a little bit chilly again!) and one of the many highlights is Azara microphylla, which is in flower right now.

Azara microphylla

Azara microphylla

Although they may not be the most showy and you do need to get up close and personal to have a good look - you are in for a treat. The smell is just fantastic!! Some say they smell like vanilla, for others it's more like cocoa butter. My advice is to get stuck in, have a good whiff and decide for yourself! You can find it in the Old Arboretum, look at the interactive map, to find its exact spot. It is another favourite of many of us here and another reason to head for the trees here at Westonbirt.