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Posted: April 27, 2023 at 13:39 pm

May is a magical month to experience the breathtaking display of bluebells. The carpet of bluebells thrives in the moist, shaded conditions of the arboretum's Silk Wood, creating a serene atmosphere that enchants visitors of all ages. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the bluebells, taking in the sweet scent and admiring the delicate blooms. They are a true sight to behold and a must-see for anyone who loves nature and the outdoors.

Westonbirt's bluebells

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider visiting Westonbirt Arboretum in May:

Spring Blooms

May is a wonderful month to see the spectacular displays of spring blooms at Westonbirt. Various species are in full bloom, filling the arboretum with vibrant colours and sweet fragrances. The Downs also burst into life in May, with a dazzling array of wildflowers, including beautiful and rare orchids.

Exploring Westonbirt

Family Activities

Westonbirt Arboretum is an exceptional destination to bring children because it offers a wonderful opportunity for them to explore and learn about nature in a safe and enchanting environment. Children can enjoy numerous activities such as den building, tree climbing, and wildlife spotting. Additionally, there are several play areas, including a natural play trail, where children can engage in imaginative play while learning about the environment. The arboretum also organises various educational events tailored to children which are designed to inspire and excite them about the natural world.

Seasonal Scent-sations - Half-Term Family Activity

Exploring Westonbirt

Discover the hidden scents of spring leaves, bark, flowers, and more through play and exploration by joining us for a fun-filled adventure. Engage your senses in a quiz that tests your knowledge and create an amazing scent-sational craft to take home.

Head over to Silk Wood Barn to participate in this event, suitable for families with children ages 3 and up.

When: Tuesday 30 May - Thursday 01 June, 10.30am - 4pm

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Zog Trail

Exploring Westonbirt

Experience a thrilling and interactive adventure with your young children on the Zog Trail at Westonbirt. This captivating trail is based on the beloved book by Julia Donaldson and includes engaging activities to stimulate their imagination. This unique outdoor activity offers a remarkable combination of nature exploration and storytelling that is sure to leave lasting memories.

Remember to purchase your Zog activity pack from the Westonbirt Shop for £4.

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Spring Family Trail

Exploring Westonbirt

Last chance to explore the mysteries of spring by embarking on Westonbirt’s self-guided spring trail. Engage all your senses to uncover the wonders of the awakening woodland and connect with the natural world during this magical season. Listen to the sounds, smell the scents, and observe the forest floor as you journey through nature's secrets.

This family-friendly activity is suitable for children ages 5 and up. Grab your free activity trail map from the Welcome Building upon entry.

When: Every day until 31 May

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Gruffalo Sculptures

Exploring Westonbirt

Venture into the deep, dark wood and you'll come across the Gruffalo (Old Arboretum), the Gruffalo's Child (Silk Wood), and other characters (Old Arboretum) from the book! Each sculpture has been meticulously carved in a unique position. Can you spot them all?


The Arb Show

The ARB Show

The Arb Show at Westonbirt is an annual event that celebrates the art and science of arboriculture. This two-day event attracts thousands of visitors from across the UK and features a range of demonstrations, exhibitions, and workshops showcasing the latest trends and techniques in tree care and management. Visitors can watch world-class tree climbers compete in speed and technical tree climbing competitions, attend talks and seminars by leading experts in the field, and browse the trade stands featuring the latest equipment and products.

The Arb Show at Westonbirt is an exciting and educational event that provides a unique insight into the world of arboriculture and the vital role that trees play in our environment.

When: Friday 12 May & Saturday 13 May, 9am - 5pm

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Exhibition: "Thinking Differently about Diversity"

"Thinking Differently about Diversity" is an audiovisual exhibition that explores the value and role of diversity in nature and society. Created as part of a community engagement project by Forestry England and Artspace Cinderford, the exhibition showcases artwork by people whose minds work 'differently'. It will take place in the Great Oak Hall and will be open to all visitors at the arboretum during the first week of May 2023.

The exhibition features a digital projection of artwork created during a series of artist-led workshops. Neurodivergent people from across Gloucestershire were invited to express themselves creatively by reflecting on the natural diversity of trees and forests.

When: Monday 01 - Wednesday 10 May, 9am - 5pm

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Guided Tours

Westonbirt Arboretum offers a range of guided tours throughout the year, including specialist tours that focus on specific areas of the arboretum providing visitors with a unique insight into the natural beauty and scientific importance of the arboretum. Which walk will you attend?

Old Arboretum Guided Walk

Exploring Westonbirt

Wander with Westonbirt’s team of skilled and well-informed volunteers, who will lead you on a fascinating tour of the Old Arboretum. Together, you will have the opportunity to discover the most outstanding seasonal attractions of the arboretum. Since the arboretum is constantly changing, each walk is unique, and you may even uncover a hidden gem or find your new favourite spot! (link to support a square)

When: Daily, 11am and 2pm

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Wild Flower Guided Walk

Exploring Westonbirt

Explore the captivating realm of wildflowers and other flora found at Westonbirt Arboretum and delve into the diverse applications, tales, and customs linked with each plant.

When: Tuesday 02 May, 10.30am (first Tuesday of every month until September)

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Discovery Walks

Exploring Westonbirt

Explore the unbeaten path and gain a deeper understanding of Westonbirt’s captivating trees through discovery walks, each of which will focus on a different specialist theme every week.

When: Every Saturday, 10.30am (until September)

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Sensing Nature Guided Walk

Exploring Westonbirt

Allow Westonbirt’s guides to lead you on an interactive and immersive sensory journey that seeks to transform your perspective, enable you to relish the arboretum at a more leisurely pace, and investigate the trees through your non-visual senses.

When: Friday 12 and 26 May, 10.30am (Every second and fourth Friday of the month until September)

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So what are you waiting for? Plan your next visit to Westonbirt Arboretum this May. With its spectacular spring blooms, diverse tree collection, guided tours, outdoor activities, and events, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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