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Exploratree: An exciting make-over begins

Posted: April 25, 2024 at 13:22 pm Author: Helen Chick

Starting 29 April 2024, some crucial maintenance work will begin to modify the well-loved Exploratree play area at Westonbirt. The space is being improved to ensure your visits are always memorable and safe, and there is plenty of fun in store to keep the little ones engaged and happy.

All the play structures, buildings and paths at Westonbirt are regularly monitored for safety and repairs, resulting in the need to carry out occasional maintenance work. Several structures within the arboretum are constructed from wood, in keeping with the arboretum’s landscape and sustainability programme. As such, wooden structures have a limited life, or require repair or removal from time to time. The Exploratree play area structures now need replacing as it has been decided they are nearing the end of their life.


The Exploratree play area will close for approximately two weeks, while the main central play structures are removed. Whilst this is happening some tree maintenance work will also be completed, such as trimming surrounding trees and shrubs, to spruce the area up.

By approximately mid-May, once the structures have been removed and the area tidied, some ‘green garden games’ and a temporary shelter will be set up in the area for children as alternative play activities.

As you watch your kids enjoy the green games, rest assured that new, exciting play structures will be coming next year!

Other activities to explore

The arboretum landscape provides a treasure trove of great ideas for family play.

Here is a quick reminder of just a few of the other things you can do as a family to build, create, discover and imagine as you play amongst the trees.

Gruffalo Party Trail

Let your imagination run wild on the Gruffalo party trail – a perfect activity for little ones who love the popular children's book. Packs sold in the Westonbirt Shop. (Available throughout the season)

Gruffalo trail

Natural Play Trail

Build a den, clamber over logs, scramble through tyre tunnels, discover the mystical troll bridge and much, much more on the play trail! Pick up your free family activity map from the Welcome Building when you arrive.

Natural play at Westonbirt

Seasonal Trails

Through the year, there are different seasonal self-guided trails to explore. Until the end of May, follow the ‘Nature Superheroes’ trail to find out about the wildlife emerging in spring at Westonbirt. Keep a look out for the next seasonal trail that will follow!

Plan your next adventure at Westonbirt and re-discover the magic of natural outdoor play.

With so many exciting family activities to do, and all the benefits that come with your membership, every season offers plenty of opportunities to explore, learn, and reconnect with nature's splendour.

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