I Am The Project Director

Posted: November 19, 2009 at 10:05 am Author: Miranda Winram

This is my first blog as Project Director, so in time honoured Blind Date fashion I thought I’d tell you what my name is and ‘whur’ I come from (as my in laws are from Liverpool, I reckon I’m allowed to make Scouse jokes…).

So: I’m Miranda Winram. I’ve just moved to Nailsworth from Yorkshire, and I’m here because this looked like a fun job with the great opportunity to help more people enjoy what a brilliant place the Arboretum and Gardens are.

I’ve been in post for exactly three months now, and it’s gone in a blur. So far, I seem to have ‘Directed’ the appointment of a company to develop architects drawings and plans for the new and refurbished buildings and conservation stonework we need (both for the Arboretum and the Gardens), to have helped choose a very beautiful Walkway and Tower for the arboretum (on view in the Great Oak Hall reception), and to have recruited a Head of Fundraising for the Project. I’m hoping she’ll come in handy at raising the cash to build all these wonderful new things….