Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

Its nearly time for Treefest!

Posted: August 25, 2011 at 21:01 pm Author: Gina Mills

Well, the events team here at Westonbirt are almost certainly too busy to do any more blogs in the run up to Treefest, but the marketing team have just had a chance to go out on site and see everything taking shape ready for this weekend's event - and it is looking fabulous!


Our first port of call was the helter-skelter, sadly not yet open, but looking suitably Victorian in its brightly painted livery. I get a feeling this is going to be a popular introduction to the festival.

The Royal Oak

We then wended our way through some more of the festival set up, towards the Royal Oak Marquee, where live music from some of the best acts in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire will be on offer along with day time workshops in art, craft and poetry. The big surprise was, well, just how BIG this marquee is. We're really grateful to Danco Marquee Hire for their support in helping us to make this a fitting venue for all that is on offer there. They've also created a light and airy bar area in the entrance to the marquee, and I hear tell that some excellent local ale and cider will be on offer! There was rather a dark sky over the marquee when we were out there, but you can see all the festive banners and flags that are starting to go up across the site, along with Julie's now famous 1000 metres of bunting!

Wood Sales team

Throughout the rest of the site, stall holders are setting up shop, and there is a real sense of community. Our very own Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum Wood Sales team seem ready to start Treefest already - not long to go now people!

Wonderful carved creation!

There were some very interesting arrivals to site as we took our whistle-stop tour, including this fabulous carved creature. Definitely one to look out for during Treefest, what an amazing piece.

Working Woodlands

We then made our way across to the Working Woodlands area, where our friends from the coppice restoration project here at Westonbirt were also setting up shop, with timber framed buildings emerging and beautiful benches being unloaded.

By this time tomorrow the festival will be in full swing. I for one can't wait!