Being a Westonbirt marketing and communications volunteer

Posted: March 9, 2018 at 09:00 am Author: Steve Blore

Westonbirt staff and volunteers include quite a number of unique people. There are individuals with specialist knowledge and expertise, there are many with extraordinary experience, and then there is me.

I am unique in my own small way… for more than two years I have been the only volunteer at Westonbirt ever to be assigned to the Marketing & Communications team. After many years as a communicator in the banking industry, I love being able to use my skills in a completely different environment and to help a good cause.

My main focus is on encouraging more travel and coach companies to bring groups to the Arboretum. I help to create and place advertising on the tourism websites and in the magazines that these companies use or that interested groups might read. I am also responsible for regularly updating the 'What's On' leaflet that many visitors pick up at the Welcome Building. New information about guided walks, family events, courses, exhibitions and live concerts all need to be accurate and relevant for those who want to know about the opportunities that may be available to them on a future visit.

The poster boards and the car park banners are another part of my domain. Out of date posters need to be taken down and new posters need printing, laminating and displaying. However, from time to time there are some bespoke posters that I need to design from scratch! Occasionally, I get the chance to use my limited photography skills. With the ever burgeoning advance of social media, the Marketing team need more images in our picture library - so you will sometimes see me, camera in hand, looking for the first signs of Spring or trying to capture shots of elusive wildlife.

That nicely brings me to the end of my uniqueness. The need for more high quality pictures has led to the team looking for volunteer photographers. So, within weeks or maybe even days of me writing this blog, at least one new volunteer will be joining Marketing & Communications... and I can't wait to welcome them.