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What are your winter traditions?

Posted: December 10, 2011 at 15:00 pm Author: Caroline Bennett

As part of Westonbirt’s programme of family activities this winter, Westonbirt’s education team have created a trail that explores winter traditions from around the world. Caroline Bennett, Westonbirt’s Education Officer, researched the trail and uncovered some fascinating facts about the trees and plants which are central to so many of these traditions and beliefs.

What are your winter traditions?

Enchanted Christmas

Every family follows their own traditions in winter. We polled Westonbirt's staff and here are some they told us about:

Going on a boat trip every Christmas day to watch brave/crazy people swimming in the sea.

A Welsh grandmother who believed receiving Christmas cards with birds on was bad luck and so burnt every robin, partridge and turtle dove card she received.

To celebrate Chinese new year, one family have a special meal together and exchange gifts of money in red envelopes.

Choosing the ugliest Christmas tree in the shop so that it can still fulfill it’s Christmas destiny.

As a Polish element to Christmas dinner, setting an extra place in case someone in need of food and company turns up on the doorstep.

Bringing the whole family to Westonbirt's Enchanted Christmas, of course!

What are your family’s winter traditions?

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