Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

Getting our Hands Dirty: A Tree-mendous Day at Westonbirt!

Posted: February 28, 2024 at 16:49 pm

On a cold, wet and windy February morning, the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum staff donned their gardening gloves and transformed into a team of green-thumbed warriors for the Silk Wood Community Planting Project.

Our mission? To help plant new life into a beloved section of the arboretum, Silk Wood, which sadly lost its ash trees to Chalara ash dieback.

Armed with spades, smiles, and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, we joined forces with the amazing Westonbirt staff leading the Silk Wood Community Planting Project. With a shared passion for the environment and a desire to make a difference, we began planting hope and building a brighter future.

From Tiny Sprouts:

The day kicked off with a crash course in tree planting and with our newfound knowledge, we eagerly set to work, carefully planting a mix of alder and holly tree species.

The Friends' Team day planting saplings in Silk Wood

Every little sapling counts! We dug, we planted, the British weather watered, and most importantly, we laughed. It was incredible to see the collective effort come together, one tiny sprout at a time.

More Than Just Planting Trees:

But this wasn't just about planting trees. It was about community, about coming together for a common cause, and about creating a lasting legacy. We shared stories, learned from each other, and strengthened staff friendships, all while contributing to the future of this beautiful arboretum.

The Friends' Team day planting saplings in Silk Wood

As the morning came to an end we all felt a sense of accomplishment and pride. We had not only helped restore a cherished woodland, but we had also planted the trees of hope for future generations to enjoy.

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