Re-roofing nearly complete!

Posted: April 15, 2019 at 09:47 am Author: Chloe Gilbert (Forestry England - Project Manager)

Since our last blog post, there have been some fairly big changes to the way things are looking down at Westonbirt Woodworks.

With the new reconstituted (a natural aggregate and cement mix) stone tile roof almost complete, the Demonstration Area is really starting to take shape as a space to showcase a range of different crafts and skills.

In-keeping with the existing original stone tiles and later re-constituted stone tiles, the old and new roof structures complement each other. This was a crucial part of the build to get right as we needed to find a suitable match to ensure the restoration work was in-keeping with the 19th century barn. This has included the tile for the main expanse of the roof and a traditional black clay tile for the ridge.

Once the new roof tiles have all been fixed into position, our new roof lights can be installed. These made to measure glass panels will provide a fitting entrance into the space, providing lots of natural light.

Our volunteers have also been getting involved with the masonry works as part of the project. This has involved a master class in raking out the existing mortar and repairing the stone walls using lime mortar – this is a traditional technique used in heritage restoration. Now that they have learnt the ‘tricks of the trade’, they will be able to continue the work alongside the mason over the next week.

As we approach the final few weeks of the project, do keep an eye on the Westonbirt Woodworks website to find out about the Windsor Chair Making courses.

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