Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

Education: Sharing knowledge to create change

The challenge

In an increasingly urban and technologically advanced society, people are becoming more and more disconnected with the natural environment.

As this change happens, they start to lose appreciation of all the critical environmental and social benefits our trees offer. With this loss of appreciation people are less able to act to support the environment and trees.

“Young people who spend time outdoors and forge a connection with the natural world are more likely to become environmentally-aware adults.”
Botanic Gardens Educational Network

Learning through discovery at Westonbirt

Our response

Westonbirt is a great place to visit – and it’s the perfect setting to learn about our natural environment. By developing innovative activities and events within our new learning facilities we will challenge and inspire people to engage with our natural environment. We will lead the conversation about trees, their role in society and how we can all secure their future.

Our activities will be for everyone; from the youngest visitor, through all life stages to create future leaders, volunteers and members to support our cause. We will also increase our links with academic institutions, enabling them to use the arboretum to apply and translate their research in the real world and communicate this to our visitors.

Sharing knowledge through regular activities

A new centre of science and learning will make use of our ‘living classroom’ and include flexible facilities to host this collaborative work and share the importance and wonder of trees with everyone. To allow this transformation we will look to acquire new land around Westonbirt when the opportunity arises to grow our capacity.

Over the next decade we will also develop a visitor experience that engages through interactivity and a new focus on the arts. It’s about creating exciting and enlightening experiences from which everyone, from visitors to research partners, can learn and be inspired.

Key Commitments

Inspire more people to connect with Westonbirt’s heritage to empower them to make positive choices for the future.

Enable more young people to participate actively to support our future, inspiring them to develop as future leaders.

Encourage different perspectives to be heard and valued to foster creativity and innovation.

Support the ongoing learning of all staff and volunteers to increase our effectiveness.


Protecting our trees for the future


Connecting people with nature

Make a difference

We’re more than just a great place for a day out – Westonbirt has a vital part to play in protecting the nation’s forests.

Change the world

Every little bit helps Westonbirt Arboretum to connect people with trees and safeguard these plants for future generations.