Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum

Participation: Connecting people with nature

The challenge

In our changing world there is increasing concern that growing sections of society can’t, or don’t, access natural environments like Westonbirt. They are missing out on the social and natural benefits they provide. With strong evidence linking the benefits of contact with nature on health and well-being, this needs to be addressed.

Reduced access to trees can limit society’s ability to live in a sustainable way, as they will be unable to understand the future challenges we all face.

Connecting people with nature

Our response

Westonbirt has so much green space, flora and fauna, and we are perfectly placed to boost inclusive participation. We have already done so much, but we will continue to do more to improve access for those groups in most need, forging stronger links with our community partners. We will make sure that people are better able to experience our natural environment through a variety of media, connecting with our trees to improve their mental health and well-being.

Our staff and volunteers are committed to learning and sharing their knowledge with visitors, making every interaction an inspiring one by developing a broader range of talks, tours and interpretation. We will empower people to participate in our development to help shape our decisions.

We encourage participation in activities to learn more about our environment - such as guided tours

A new centre of science and learning will make use of our ‘living classroom’ and include flexible facilities to host this collaborative work and share the importance and wonder of trees with everyone. To allow this transformation we will look to acquire new land around Westonbirt when the opportunity arises to grow our capacity.

We will make significant improvements to our outdoor spaces, ensuring they are designed for the needs of all. Our visitor welcome will inspire people to connect with the natural environment, understand the arboretum and join as members in lifelong support of our cause.

We will remodel and expand our central facilities - including café, commercial, exhibition and natural play areas, while continuing to showcase the work of the arboretum. Through this, we will create a more immersive visitor experience.

This will promote happier, healthier lives while conserving our thriving heritage for generations to come.

Key Commitments

Provide a world class and inclusive welcome to positively engage people with the arboretum.

Raise the arboretum’s profile as ‘a world leader in trees’ to grow support and recognition for our work and enable us to influence decision makers.

Use the therapeutic benefits of the arboretum to improve people’s physical and mental well-being.

Grow our volunteering and membership, creating advocates for our cause.


Sharing knowledge to create change


Protecting our trees for the future

Make a difference

We’re more than just a great place for a day out – Westonbirt has a vital part to play in protecting the nation’s forests.

Change the world

Every little bit helps Westonbirt Arboretum to connect people with trees and safeguard these plants for future generations.