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What's the difference between a shed and a barn?

‘What’s the difference between a shed and a barn?’ It’s a question the Planning Inspector asked the Cotswold District Council Conservation and Design Officer on Wednesday this week.

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Christmas magic

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We had a photographic evening last night, around the Christmas trail. People came from as far as Manchester.

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Keeping up to Date

Recently my volunteers and I have been recording potentially hazardous trees, unfortunately a number will have to be removed so I have provided a list and maps for the tree team.

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Getting ready for the Enchanted Christmas

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It’s always a very busy time for the events team just before the Enchanted Christmas. We don’t actually put the lights up for the trail ourselves, but a huge amount of planning goes into the whole event.

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The party’s over for the leaf-peepers

Phew, it’s all over and what an autumn it’s been! The evidence of a long and glorious leaf display now lies on the ground like the spent party poppers after a wild party.

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Tree Team Work at Westonbirt

Posted in: Blog Tree management

October at Westonbirt is a very busy time for us all, especially the tree team. Along with the seasonal added car parking and admissions work we still have to under take our usual duties.

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A Fundraising Update

Fundraising for the Westonbirt Project is an interesting role in these times of austerity. I’ve had several responses to funding requests along the lines of, “Many thanks for your application. It looks like a terrific project, but….”...

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My top ten (oops, twelve) favourite maples

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With so many to choose from, I can’t help but add a couple more examples to my top ten! I hope visitors to Westonbirt this autumn can enjoy identifying these maples on their walks...

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Logs and blogs: uncovering Westonbirt’s history of recording events

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In the last few weeks I have been exploring the log books of W.J. Mitchell, Westonbirt Arboretum’s first curator. These books have been incredible to read, and offered fantastic quotes and stories of life at Westonbirt from the 1920s to the 1950s.

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Woodfuel Excursions

We have been considering using woodfuel at the Arboretum for a while, but as it’s such a complex subject area with lots of new technology involved.

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A live update from the Honduras jungle

Posted in: Blog Research trips

As part of Operation Wallacea, a series of biological and social science expedition projects, I am spending a month high in the trees of the Cusuco National Park in Honduras.

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Arborists' Adventures

As members of the tree team here at Westonbirt, we are always looking to find ways to improve the management of plant collections.

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Fundraising for the Westonbirt Project

As a new member of the team (started last week), I have been granted a rare treat as part of my induction; a behind the scenes look at the Arboretum I’d only ever viewed as a visiting tourist.

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Water at Westonbirt

As with most planning applications extra pieces of information have been requested from us. We have been busy digging holes in a variety of locations and pouring in water to see how well the water drains in the ground at the Arboretum.

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I am a 'Woody Woman'

Coming from Westonbirt's marketing office, I anticipated the Woody Women course to be something of a challenge.

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