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A Project Update

We have all been very busy lately with a big push to get the drawings and our proposals finalised before we submit our planning application in May.

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Propagation Update

As well as propagating trees and shrubs for the Westonbirt collection, I am also working with two other organisations on conservation projects, namely Natural England and Plantlife.

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Tree Team Work

Along with planting this time of year, we also remove trees deemed to be hazardous. Although it is always sad to see these large trees come down, it is part of the ongoing management cycle of any collection.

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Comparing Walkways

Hi I’m Sophie and the Project Support Officer for the Westonbirt Project. I’ve been here since the end of January and it’s whizzed by!...

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The Return of the Winter Season

Of course, people know about Westonbirt in the autumn and spring, they may even spend long summer days relaxing in the shade beneath some of our majestic trees.

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A True Winter Wonderland

This has been the most magical of all possible first Christmases at Westonbirt. Forget all the plastic ‘Winter Wonderland’ experiences out there, the snow has turned Westonbirt into the Real Thing...

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A Cool Christmas

It's been so cold in our office this week, that you might be forgiven for asking "What does a Climate Change Officer actually do?" Well my role is all about interpretation and communication.

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Jam For Timesheets

Timesheets have been rather a big preoccupation for me recently, it’s been like drawing blood from a stone to get my Steering Group members to tell me how much time they’ve been spending on Westonbirt Project business.

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All in The Christmas Spirit

The last couple of weeks have found me in a rubbish skip; tracking down a 5 foot blue fairy and trying to eject Father Christmas as a trespasser.

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A Crazy Normal Day In Education

Posted in: Blog Learning

It’s not often you can fit 28 children into one puddle, but it has been that sort of week here in education.

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I Am The Project Director

This is my first blog as Project Director, so in time honoured Blind Date fashion I thought I’d tell you what my name is and ‘whur’ I come from (as my in laws are from Liverpool, I reckon I’m allowed to make Scouse jokes…).

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What's Happening In Propagation

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I’ve been out walking around the arboretum over the last few weeks, finding just the right location for 270 different specimens of trees and shrubs.

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Change In The Events Department

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Here in the Events department Autumn is a time of change and re-organising.

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Readers' Comments: An alternative view of climate change

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Issue 74 states on page 24 that the climate is warming and man is directly responsible. Nonsense!...

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The Westonbirt Project blog

The Westonbirt Project is an ambitious plan to take Westonbirt into the future.

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